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The trajectory that made us become one of the main exporting engines of exotics from Colombia, Ecuador & Peru to the world. From day one, we built a community that provides unique and impressive experiences.

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We take care of every detail and make sure that each one of our products arrives at your table with the highest quality and the best natural flavour.
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Our products | Fresh Exotic Fruits

Fresh exotic fruits

More than 12 varieties of unique and outstanding flavours that provide a memorable sensory experience.

Explore All | Fresh Processed Fruits

Fresh processed fruits

All the flavour of our exotic fruits straight to your table, with a packaging and image that adapts to you and your life.

Explore All | The best of our region worldwide

The best of our region worldwide

The passion for what we do

We take care of every detail. Surprising experiences with a wide variety of exotic and processed fruits. We are strategically located in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, guaranteeing the highest quality and purity of our products. | Países donde está FLP

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